CAM RADIO NET - Member Qualification and Stream Regulations
Welcome...These rules have been updated...please bookmark as required. (3/19/2018)
There is no need to affiliate your stream with any server, you can do this on your own. If you choose to run a live stream from your computer, you do not need this or any stream server to do so...CAM RADIO NET is a support group and not a stream appplication.

Contents Rules and Qualification:
   Cam Radio Groups 
   Cam Radio Info 
   HRD Status and Screen Capture
   Submit Applications, Questions or Suggestions 
   Removal Notice
   Webmaster Notice 

The LIVE STREAM FAQ page is here:


Any Amateur Radio Operator or Amateur Radio Organization is eligible.
Also, any Hobbyist who enjoys Short Wave Listening, Computer Technology and Software Defined Radio and Netcasters may apply. We support Gear Heads and on-line auto racers as well...
  You must apply to join the stream...                                                                                      

Cam Radio Net Groups are welcome.
(1) We will continue to support and encourage PTT NETS.
            (a) The Member Group: This group meets M-F at 23:30 EST on 3717 KHz - LSB
                 Sub-Nets are welcome on any band at anytime.
            (b) The PRIVATE Group: Individual stream members using our free server.
            (c) Groups: The Gear Heads, Mixed Nuts, SWL_SDR and the GEEKS...
 (2) Cam Radio Groups include Clubs or Individuals who coordinate a regular PTT
          round table on any band at any time. To add your group to our server and our
          INFO app, please contact the webmaster for details.
     (3) There is no specific NET START time and we do not have NET CONTROL OPERATORS.
          Any member may start the Cam Radio PTT Net on 80 Meters at any time prior to and after
          2330 HRS EST. Simply call "CQ" the CAM RADIO NET and give your call sign. You should
          engage your stream and assign the frequency on your video.
This is an in-formal PTT net, therefore net protocols are not established or considered. Please allow time to accept listeners and invite them to join the conversation.
 CHAT-ROOM groups:
(4) These include the NON-RADIO groups that can apply their own contact via CHAT-ROOMS 
           or VOIP applications. DIY video chats and classrooms groups are welcome.
  (5) Netcasting is supported. We supply the WebCam service through Cam Radio Info. You
              may use REM-AUD for your VOIP or setup your own VOIP service.
      (6) Club and Organizations, you can use these services for streaming meetings and special
           events. Use REM-AUD for the audio stream. Cam Radio can supply up to five cameras.
   NOTE: We do not support audio streaming. REM-AUD is a "voice bandwidth" VOIP, it does not
             support musical instruments or HI-FIDELITY audio.

You should stream a HI-DEF web-cam. The BASIC RESOLUTION is 800 by 600.
(1) We encourage our members to use Webcam 7 software. While we have tested other
           applications WebcamXP seems to be the most reliable. However, most any HTTP stream
           application software will work fine.    

(2) We do not display or link commercial sites from You Tube, Twitter, Yahoo or Face Book.
           No commercial streaming servers will be allowed. This is not a SOCIAL BONDING website.
      (3) Multiple Cameras are allowed and encouraged.
      (4) Streaming audio will never be supported.
           (a) Members may stream audio from their personal Global IP or Domain using VOIP.
           (b) Cam Radio will not endorse "audio" streams. We will not link our site with them.
           (c) We fully endorse the use of SDR RADIO Website.
           (d) You can use a CHAT ROOM appplication. We endorse and use BLAB ver 8.1.

 Amateur Radio Operators:    
      (5) Amateur Radio: Please add CAM RADIO MEMBERSHIP endorsement to your QRZ BIO page if
           you plan to stream from the QRZ BIO page using our server connection.
      (6) We encourage you to display the frequency you are operating on and your CALL SIGN
           while displaying your live-stream.
      (7) We do not allow streaming from more than one server. If you stream on another net or
           group, please turn off the CAM RADIO STREAM. This does not apply for QRZ bio page.
           Your stream will not be displayed in Cam Radio Info app if you choose to stream from any
           other server.
This rule will be enforced with no exceptions.

 Note: Amateur Radio Members are required to hold a valid FCC license and call sign.
 All Other Stream Group Members:
(8) No Pornographic Web-Cams, Twitter, FaceBook, YOUporn or Social Bonding Network links
           allowed from your CAM RADIO NET stream. We do not support chats or social blogs. We
           do allow you to build and maintain your personal CHAT ROOM or use VOIP  (REM-AUD).
           REM-AUD is an application that supports an streaming audio channel server and client.
      (9) The PRIVATE member HTTP list has been removed and replaced with a TICKER TAPE page.
           Please contact the Webmaster if you desire to have your stream placed on the TICKER.

NOTE: It is your responsibility to contact your DDNS provider if your GLOBAL IP has changed.     


        Member privilege includes receiving this program free of charge. However, as a member you may use the program on any computer you have that supports the Cam radio Net and your stream. Members must agree not to share the program with non members. 
       The program requires only an Internet connection. The "program" receives XML DATABASE information from a dedicated server that verifies the stream and pings your host-address. If the stream is present the "program" then displays stream information on the "client" (your) computer. To download, please refer to our downloads page.
      Members should stream in 800 by 600 when possible and use the Webcam 7 OBJECT EDITOR to display call sign or group name, frequency information, CHAT ROOM and VOIP details .
      We encourage higher definition as long as stream members are using a BROADBAND connection which delivers 75 Mbps UPLOAD SPEED.
   This CLIENT program significantly improves computer speed and makes the on page display very enjoyable. Simple mouse strokes can ZOOM display and even enlarge the image to FULL SCREEN. This program is fun and simple to use...This program does not require a WEB BROWSER.
        (a) CAM RADIO INFO is a copyright of N7HQ and CAM RADIO NET and the sole
              distribution and/or use is only available through this website.

   (b) Members and visiting users may not distribute the program without written
              consent from N7HQ and/or CAM RADIO NET.
        (c) CAM RADIO INFO trustee: WD1L
        (d) We will not release the CRI source code to any individual operator. This has been
              so written in an agreement with the author and Cam Radio Net.

All members please read...
     This website, webmaster and any such advertisers or links posted on this site will not be, and may not be held responsible for MEMBER streamed content. Each member must supply the GLOBAL IP and PORT to his/her web-cam server. The member posted for his/her UDP stream will take full responsibility for any and all content placed on this website known as No member may use his/her MEMBER PAGE UDP stream for commercial use. No member will be allowed to UDP stream foul or indecent exposure to the website known as No member will be allowed to stream AUDIO, VIDEO, STILL IMAGES, or CAMERA content that is considered by this Webmaster/Controller to be pornographic or offensive to visitors of this website.
     No member will be allowed to STREAM on two different servers at the same time. Your LOCAL UDP stream is considered one to our server. If your feed is delivered to any other server for distribution, you will be immediately removed from the CAM RADIO NET.
     Any MEMBER who does not agree with these basic regulations will be asked to turn off the UDP stream and/or they will be removed from the website known as
     Any member who does not agree with the WEBSITE CONTENT may submit a complaint using the MEMBERSHIP CONTACT form. In addition, no MEMBERS will be held responsible for WEBSITE CONTENT other than their individual UDP Stream. MEMBER LINKS and MEMBER WEBSITES are responsible for the content they produce and the UDP stream they display on CAM RADIO INFO.

Questions. applications or suggestions may be submitted via our email server to the Cam Radio WEBMASTER  (click WEBMASTER to open form page).
Note that all complaints will be carbon copied and sent to GROUP COORDINATORS for review.
NOTE: You may apply for server membership using the WEBMASTER email address.
Application for server membership may be submitted here. You will receive a form letter in return. Upon completion, your stream address will be tested and reviewed by our Webmaster and our Technical Advisor.

web counter (spam filter)
Place the above number in the COMMENTS field. No Number, the email will be rejected as spam.
   We encourage all members to stream live on the QRZ bio page. By doing so you allow your station to be viewed by thousands of Amateur Radio Operators all over the world. QRZ offers a fine forum to display from, it is viewed by casual on-lookers, SWL hobbyists and even our soldiers in Iraq can can visit and see you live.
   The tutorial for setting up your QRZ BIO is available by request from our Webmaster. Please do not abuse this feature.
   Members who have been asked to remove the CAM RADIO endorsement from QRZ BIO page must do immediately. We ask that you do not endorse any other stream source and that you take care not to become a bandwidth hog over the QRZ servers.
CAM RADIO and streaming on your WEBSITE
   The WebCamXP - 7 stream software offers three ways to stream from your Website. The Cam Radio Server delivers the FlashVars that can be used to setup ADOBE FLASH stream for your site.
The other methods include Javascript and HTTP (recommended). These streams can be setup
using iFRAME technology on any website. We use iFRAME over HTTP to stream live (on-line)
member streams. See our Group Members under Stream Details.

All members please read... You will be removed if you stream anything we consider offensive of pornogarpic (PERIOD)
The WEBMASTER has the RIGHT to REFUSE membership to any applicant who knowingly violates, or miss-interprets these basic by-laws.
    The Webmaster will search for and remove all DEAD END links periodically from the WEBSITE. Every 30 days, if you have not been active, or you are no longer streaming UDP, the webmaster will remove all links and MEMBER STREAM pages from the website. This rule becomes effective January 2009 and will be reviewed again every 90 days hence.
    CAM RADIO MEMBERS will be considered for removal when more than 3 members contact our Webmaster with three or more complaints. These complaints include STREAM CONTENT, VULGAR LANGUAGE, RUDE or RACIST COMMENTS. We will not remove any member for his/her political or evangelical position. We will remove any member who has his/her FCC license privileges removed or suspended.
    You will be removed immediately if your stream content is considered PORNOGRAPHIC. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you are streaming such content, knowingly or not, you will be disconnected. You will automatically be removed from membership and may not apply for reinstatement for 180 days from date any action has been taken.
You will be required to remove any or all connection to CAM RADIO NET on the QRZ BIO page and on your personal web page or website. All links will be removed from CAM RADIO NET and CAM RADIO GROUP sites. You will be dismissed from from net activities that use our servers.
The WEBMASTER has the right to refuse application and remove any or all MEMBERS who use COMMERCIAL WEBSITES for stream applications.
    We acknowledge,, only. Ham Radio remains an AMATEUR application; any commercial product endorsements for the sake of receiving free server time shall be considered a conflict of interest. CALL SIGNS listed on commercial websites (free to use) that are endorsing products or request donations for the sake of advertisement and/or display commercial advertisements before, during or after your stream content is present will be removed from the CAM RADIO LISTING. No exceptions !!!
 GAME PLAYERS may display their playing position and display their view of their play. They may not directly stream the players action. This rule is applied for all GAME PLAY. We do not support GAME SERVER reproduction. CAM RADIO NET server is not a relay or repeater.
Individuals who stream instruction videos should be aware...CAM RADIO NET is not an affiliate for your videos. We will not endorse any products which you may use, apply or encourage others to do so. We allow you to display such content, but we are not responsible for such content and will not exercise any such responsibility.
Note: HAM RADIO is a fraternity. CAM RADIO will defend that fraternity, and never will we knowingly offend our fraternal members. If you choose to see it only your way, I (Webmaster) will remove you immediately.  You will be required to select any one of the available commercial stream servers and our affiliation with your stream will end directly.
Thank you...


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