DOWNLOAD INDEX: Links to our CAM RADIO SOFTWARE Update 03/8/2018

Download the WEBCAM XP software here.
For XP users we suggest WebcamXP version 5.9.8
For Windows 7-10 we suggest Webcam7 version 1.5.3
                         CLICK HERE   For a simple FAQ and TIPS tutorial.

CAM RADIO INFO - by Dan Quigley N7HQ - Proprietary software exclusive to CAM RADIO NET... 
                                  WD1L - Cam Radio Info - Technical Advisor

The CAM RADIO INFO program that allows all visitors to see stream members without using your BROWSER. Very flexible and fast, this app advises you when stations are on-line or have closed their stream. This setup program will install Microsoft Dot Net Framework. Be patient while completing setup. The software also uses "automatic update" technology. Now supports Multi-Camera technology.

Cam Radio Info is a proprietary program application written for the exclusive use of the CAM RADIO NET.

PnP CAM RADIO PORT MANAGER - Dan N7HQ - This program will setup your PnP ROUTER automatically.
Download the .ZIP package and extract to your documents directory. Works great on most all PnP Routers, however you must have your SERIAL NUMBER and MODEL NUMBER of the router and check on line for UPnP details. Note: There is a TUTORIAL on the website.
Software Defined Radio - Dan N7HQ - An ADOBE document  that explains the SOFTWARE DEFINED RADIO phennomenon. Good reading for the novice or experienced Ham Radio Operator. This is all pre-RSP information and gives you a basic history over the last decade.  
Remote Audio VOIP - You can stream any audio component your soundcard passes to your speakers. This includes voice, music or SDR receiver audio. The client/server must be setup properly and running in order to receive/broadcast VOIP audio. The stream can be setup for duplex operation. Works very well!! REMAUD Quick-Set here:
Sound Card Oscilloscope - Download the neatest scope device you will ever need for tuning your SSB audio or watching incoming audio. You can set up AF filters and use the TEST TONE module.
DNS Manager - This is the home page for ChangeIP, a free DNS manager with options you will enjoy.
We have a Tutorial available for setting up your DNS.
BLAB the Chat Room - You will need a DOMAIN on the Internet in order to operate your personal CHAT ROOM.
The Cam Radio Chat Room is located here...

Digital Signal Processing - Throw away all your gadgets and processing is an application that will turn any pre-DSP radio into an "audio signal processor" with "variable noise filtering". Try using your microphone input.
All done through your Windows computer. Kudos to WD6CNF


CAM RADIO NET LOGO - This is the logo that we use for CAM RADIO NET. You can download any one or all and use on your stream or the QRZ BIO page. Place it on your E-QSL or whatever. Be a proud member of the CAM RADIO NET gang. STREAM @ QRZ LOOKUP...Tutorial is located on this website.
NOTE: We ask you to display the CAM RADIO NET logo on QRZ if you stream your content there.

Using the QRZ BIOGRAPHY EDITOR and advanced settings.
SOUND CARD SCOPE .PDF Setting up Zeitnitz Sound Card Scope and Audio Spectrum Analyzer.
REM AUDIO (VOIP) WWW Using the REMOTE AUDIO application to stream/receive live audio.

Port Forward The mystery of Port Forwarding and Windows Ports un-scambled.
Port Forward FAQ .PDF A basic help document with multiple links and documents.
Download the WEBCAM XP Manual Here. (Big file be patient)
Basically you need:

 (1) Cam Radio Info to view cameras, faster than using a Web Browser.
 (2) You need Webcam XP or W7 software to generate the HTTP stream code.
 (3) A DNS manager with a "domain name" and a "port" to forward through your ISP router.
 Options Include a CHAT ROOM (we do not supply a chat). VOIP software (we do not stream audio).