WEBCAM 7 TIP PAGE - February 2015
by: W3GAS

In case you missed the WEBCAM 7 stream page, I want to refresh your thinking...
Did you know you can configure your SmartPhone display from here?
Did you know you can see multiple camera views from this page?
Did you know you can select the camera source?
Did you know you can SELECT the view application?

Use the drop down menu to to select the view application. Best viewed as Javascript (default) or FLASHjpeg.swf the CAM RADIO NET default
for QRZ bio display.

The MULTI-VIEW display offers a  drop down for different resolutions.

There are three resolutions to choose from...160 x 120 - 640 x 480.
This feature allows you to see multiple cameras for security settings.

More to sure to download the latest WEBCAM 7 at the DownLoad Index on Cam Radio Net.