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Get the latest 2016 Cam Radio Net news here...Update 8/29/2016           ChangeIP

Bulletin 2/5
We have removed several dead links from the must re-apply!
A small group of WIN 7 users will be converting to WIN 10, a free upgrade. So far all our applications are running fine with Windows 10. Feel free to experiment, but I suggest you install WIN 10 on a different drive and boot from your "dual boot" installation.

June 2016: We are requesting all members sign up for a Dynamic DNS Domain HOST service.
In other words a free DDNS account that will allow you, the member, to control how your stream is delivered to the internet. We (Cam Radio Net) suggest for your DDNS account. You can, if you please, purchase your own DOMAIN NAME ( and stream from your personal DNS web server or use IPchange to support your DNS applications for your own personal DOMAIN NAME. Setup is not recommended for the novice computer user. 

 All members note:  DDNS Host Name. Disregard any of the previous stream setup pages. We will no longer support Global IP direct hosting. You must establish a DDNS (dynamic domain name server).
We support DDNS "Host Name" generated by the Dynamic Domain Name Service at This is a free of charge HOST NAME service.
Example:  "" This DDNS HOST will be posted on the Cam Radio XML list. You will also use this HOST NAME when streaming from bio page.

When your membership has been approved, and you have followed the setup tutorial on this website (Stream Index Menu), contact W3GAS and your stream page will be added if it does not already exist.
Please note, the page will be created using your listed DDNS on the "membership.xml" file listing.

Editing the QRZ BIO page: The FAQ page is  HERE  You may adjust this code for other listings as well. You can place the code into any HTML file and, using your browser, display your stream page.
EXAMPLE:  HERE  You can copy the code and place it into a file with the extension ".html" and any
browser will display the Flash code directly.

Note: Private Members are not associated with any of the Cam Radio Groups.

ARC Club Station Listing:
   Please contact Webmaster for a set of ARC Stream Parameters and guidelines.

Cam Radio Group PTT Memory Frequencies -
Advanced Group Frequency 3717Khz (M-F) 0400 UTC
  General Group Frequency 3820Khz (M-F) 0400 UTC
General call Frequency: 3820 KHz
    Advanced Call Frequency 3717 KHz
   Extra call Frequency 3675 KHz
 Alternates: 7145 Khz 40 Meter Monitor.
Daylight Call Frequency - 7215 or 7145 KHz - 14.265 Mhz