UPDATE: 1/18/2017     

      This is our active stream scanner is running...
        When the search has completed each stream will be displayed for two seconds.
       The CHAT ROOM is open to Licensed Amateur Operators.         
The OFFICIAL east coast 80 meter CAM RADIO NET on 3720 KHz - 2330 EST
      Welcome to Cam Radio Net Website.

       The website has been streamlined for your convenience

        Our Members have SDR RADIOS that you can access from our Cam Radio Server.
        The SDRconsole program can be downloaded and installed from the SDR Radio website location.
        Click on the radio console VFO image: Check our "scanner" for SDR servers on-line...

        VFO Screen
        Now click on the SDRconsole spectrum image and follow the simple tutorial.
        If you have problems with the SDRconsole installation There is a user tutorial available for download.
        You can download the SDRconsole documentation from Simon Brown's website. (PDF)
        To understand the Data File construction and what SDRserver is rendering, download the (PDF).
        If you run an SDRserver and you would like to offer it to our users, please download the Server (PDF).